Soon people will see Zubair Khan out of Bigg Boss house. We are not talking about the elimination but there are reports which say that soon FIR will be lodged against Zubai by Haseena Parker’s family. Zubair Khan is a filmmaker, at the premiere of the show he introduced himself as Haseena Parker‘s son in law. He also told that he has been cheated by the family.

As we all know, Haseena is the late sister of mafia king Underworld Don, Dawood Ibrahim. Zubair also said that he was with the producers of the movie Haseena Parkar, which starred Shraddha Kapoor. Now, in a statement, a member of Dawood Ibrahim’s family, Sameer Antulay and a real co-producer of Haseena Parkar lashed out against Zubair Khan and called him a publicity seeker.

Is Zubair Khan Faking His Identity As Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim’s Kin?

In a statement, Sameer said, Zubair is a fraud. He doesn’t have any connections with Parker’s family. He is just using the title of Dawood for publicity. They will go to the police and will register a FIR against him. He also cleared the questions between Zubair and his estranged wife. Haseena Parkar has two daughters, Humeira and Qudsia. Zubair says that he is married to Qudsia but in reality, she is married to a businessman named Zaheer Shaikh. Sameer is angry and says he doesn’t want his sister’s life to be affected by this man. Sameer told to mid day, “These rumors need to end as my sisters are facing a lot of problems.”

Sameer said, Zubair approached Haseena herself to make a biopic but Parker refused to do it. It looks like Parker family doesn’t even know Zubair Khan. He has been married three years ago and is separated from his wife. A source told to, Zubair is going around in the area of Nagpada, Mumbai saying himself, ‘Company ka damaad hoon’. The company is D- company or Dawood Company which is a criminal group organized by Dawood Ibrahim. He used this name to gain popularity and make locals fear so that no one messes with him.

We don’t know if Colors will keep Zubair Khan on the show after this shocking revelation or not. No one knows Zubair is faking his identity or not. Stay tuned to us for more updatess.