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Yusuf Pathan pranks on young Delhi cricketers, posing as homeless poor man.

At the time, Yuvraj Singh, who played a starring role in India’s ICC World T20 in 2007 and the ICC World Cup in the year 2011. He has made a comeback in the national team. The former teammate Yusuf Pathan is in the spotlight. Yes! The reason behind him again coming in the spotlight is the prank video done as a promotion by the Japenese carmaker company Nissan.
In the prank video, it is seen that the uninvited strangers walk into the stadium in the middle of the practice in New Delhi wearing a shabby winter coat, has a rugged grayish beard and looks homeless. He then tries to offer some coaching to the youngsters, but the youngsters aren’t happy with his tips. Soon that poor man wants to bat which he can not even hold on and fails miserably. When everyone in the stadium is annoyed with this man, he starts hitting the ball like a pro, making it fly outside the boundaries of the stadium.
The youngsters then realize that something is surprising in this man which they are missing out on, and then he removes his beard and wig, and there is smile on everyone when they see that it’s none other than Yusuf Pathan.

Watch the video of the prankster going viral


There is the similar video like this in which Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo as a homeless man is featured, and the video went viral on all platforms last year.


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