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YRF released the VFX video of Salman Khan’s Sultan and it’s so Amazing!

Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma‘s Sultan is one of the biggest hits this year. The film earning with a collection of over Rs 300 crores at the domestic box office. Salman Khan worked hard on his body and build, the Technology also played an important part in the success of Sultan. Yash Raj Films recently released the VFX breakdown of Sultan on social media.

In this VFX video, it has been displayed how Salman Khan did all the stunts with so much perfection. In one of the scenes, Salman jumping with a green background, however, in the movie, this green background was replaced with a building. So it gave an impression that Salman jumping from one building to another in Old Delhi.

VFX has become an important tool for every film nowadays, for which a substantial amount of the film’s budget is being utilized and Yash Raj Films, the producers of the film, have revealed, in a video, some of the scenes where VFX was used. The green sheet, as seen in the video, is replaced by what actually shows up on screen.

Watch Here:

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