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You will soon see this 'Parantha-maker' from Pakistan in the International cricket team for T20 matches.

Now it’s time to get over the Blue-eye Pakistani Chaiwala, and restored talents have to be hunted more. Frequent talents coming is a sign that education and knowledge are not only what can make you famous the hidden talent should be practiced more. We forget to practice what is best for us on the run to earn money for a livelihood. A young Pakistani boy has been in the same situation.
Hanan Khan, a resident of Pakistan works in a local restaurant in Karachi who earns by making paranthas. This Parantha-maker has been selected to represent Pakistan’s National Cricket Academy in T20 cricket matches. In such an age where all we do is fun, a party he has been trying hard to make a courier and totally deserves to be represented in the Cricket team.
Hanan was in a total shock when he got the call he was playing a match practicing cricket. When the call came, he couldn’t receive the call but later he called them again, and the Boards of Cricket officially told him that he had been selected for the Pakistani team to play Internationally. He could not believe he thought that someone might be playing a prank or it could be a hoax, so he called them again to confirm his selection.

Here is a whole interview of the Parantha-maker who will be soon known as a Cricketer.

The 19-yr-old young boy even shared that where he stays in the local area Cricket is not famous as a sport but overall Pakistan it has got famous, and he had a keen interest in the game from the start, so he did not leave playing. That’s something so interesting, isn’t it? Such dedication and hard work in the youngsters is so uncommon he will surely make his country proud.

Congratulations Hanan! You are a true inspiration.

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