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You should slap yourself thrice if you still follow these Baba's in 2017.

Baba’s have always been known for their spiritual knowledge in a country like India. Millions of people not only from…

By Administrator in Viral on January 13, 2017

Baba’s have always been known for their spiritual knowledge in a country like India. Millions of people not only from India but even aboard follow these Baba’s and have a lot of faith in them they treat them equal to God. People feel they are the followers and preachers of god which can’t be believed after so many fake Baba videos on Youtube.
Preaching wrong people is dangerous for you and once you start following their footsteps it’s difficult for you to believe your instance. Here are few Baba’s who have been famous over the years and if you still follow them slap yourself you deserve that.

1. Swami Om Ji – Big Boss contestant.

Sadachari Saibaba Swami Om Ji is popular Hindu baba. He was recently in the Big Boss season 10 show as a contestant from the Aam Adami side. He has been famous because of the blunder he did in a byte on the News channel which was ridiculous. He is not even an entertainment to be watched still had TRP in big boss.

Swami Om

2.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh – Messenger of God film.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is an Indian spiritual leader, director, and singer. He has even made a Bollywood movie Messenger of God which had 1million hits on Youtube but did not work on the Box office that well. He has even been a total rockstar where Baba’s what really have to do has been on the last of his to-do-list.


3. Asaram Bapu – Rape accused.

Asaram Bapu he 75-year-old self-styled ‘godman’ and rape accused which started as a Hindu religious leader.There have been many controversial videos of Asaram Bapu with girls and then his rape case left everyone his followers in a big shock.


4.Radhe Maa – Godwoman.

Radhe Maa, who calls herself a ‘Godwoman’, has grabbed national attention with an array of controversies and eye-catching pictures on social media. her way of speaking to people and catching the audience attention is very unique. It has been reported that she has spoil life of many followers by doing black magic on them she has even been in jail for a while.
radhe maa

Slap yourself hard if you follow any of them till now.

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