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WTF! Passenger Clicks Selfie with EGYPT-AIR Hijacker Mustafa!

Seif El Din Mustafa, the hijacker who seized an Egyptian airliner, has been arrested but not before he agreed to a passenger taking a selfie with him. Mustafa forced the plane to land in Cyprus by threatening the pilot with his suicide belt of explosives. As the day long drama unfolded, one of the passengers seems to have requested a selfie with Mustafa and went on to pose, grinning ear to ear. The photo shows the hijacker also posing for the camera, somewhat grimly.

We are not sure if the photo is authentic; the details of the actual incident, if confirmed, also need to come out. But social media was out with shouts for the passenger, who had managed to take a one-of-a-kind selfie.

Cyprus officials have said Mustafa’s hijacking had to do with his wife and was not terror related. They are yet to divulge details.



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