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Wow! Anushka Sharma Shared Her WhatsApp Number To Chat With Fans As Ghost Shashi

Those days are gone when film promotions were only till actor giving an interview. Now the filmmakers are promoting their film in a new way. This new way of promoting the film is started by the makers of Phillauri. In the movie Phillauri, Anushka Sharma is playing the role of friendly ghost Shashi. To promote this film of Anushka, she has got a number which is registered in the name of Shashi, and she will interact with her fans through WhatsApp. The movie is produced by Fox Star Studious and Clean Slate Films and is directed by Anshai Lai.

The movie will be released on 24th March.

Anushka Sharma will call her fans every week by using WhatsApp Video calling feature and will talk about Phillauri as a ghost Shashi. To chat with her, one need to add Shashi’s WhatsApp number (9867473178) to their phone.
Wow! Anushka Sharma Shared Her WhatsApp Number To Chat With Fans As Ghost Shashi 1
They explain,“Anushka is playing the role of a friendly spirit in the movie. To take this thought forward, she has got a personal phone number registered in the name of Shashi – the character from the film that she is playing. She will interact with fans through WhatsApp’s video calling feature. All they have to do is add the number on WhatsApp. The number will constantly be used by her throughout the campaign of Phillauri to engage with her fans, who will get exclusive access to the film’s promotional content too.”
When they talked about this new unique idea, Shikha Kapur the chief marketing officer, Fox Star Studious, said, “The unique storyline of Phillauri, where the lead actor plays a friendly spirit who cannot be seen by people, gives us the opportunity to create a campaign that is imaginative. For Phillauri, we have created ideas that are experiential in nature and invoke participation. WhatsApp with Shashi is one such idea where we tap into the reach of the chatting platform in the country, which has 160 million monthly users.”

So guys just add this contact 9867473178 in your WhatsApp phone and get a chance to talk with Anushka Sharma.

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