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World’s Largest Meta-Search Engine Torrentz.eu Clone Surfaces Back Online

Just weeks after Popular meta-search engine Torrentz.eu had officially shut down, The new clone torrentz2.eu repapered online on Tuesday to continue the legacy of one of the more popular names among the list of torrent sharing websites. The earlier site had carried the message ‘Torrentz will always love you. Farewell’ when it went down.


Torrentz2.eu calls itself a clone of Torrentz and hence a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine. The website like Torrentz aggregates results from dozens of search engines. The Torrentz2.eu claims to be indexing 59,642,496 torrents from 124,175,891 pages.

Torrentz was among the oldest and the most popular platform to look out for torrent files. The torrent hosting site later expanded to become a meta-search engine. Torrentz also provided an option to allow people with copyright to certain content to file a cease and desist complain. After being shut down on Friday, a clone of the torrent aggregator is back online, now being hosted at Torrentz2.eu.

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