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Why Did Nitibha Kaul Asked Manveer To Remove His T-shirt? OMG!

In the Bigg Boss show, there are many advantages of becoming the talk of the town. The contestant who comes…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on December 24, 2016

In the Bigg Boss show, there are many advantages of becoming the talk of the town. The contestant who comes in headlines most of the time gets the name, fame, money and they even become celebrities. Before entering the Bigg Boss house contestants are not allowed to carry anything which is not suitable. Makers tell all the contestants what they can carry and what they can’t. In the Bigg Boss 10 house, there is lots of fight, drama, and these contestants are really playing well. There are celebrities and commoners as we all know. This season has finished almost 68 days.

As we know BB is now giving a chance to housemates to meet their loved once through “Family App” task. Priyanka met her kids, Gaurav met his brother, Mona met her Boyfriend, Rohan met his brother and tonight Bani will meet Gauhar and Lopa will meet her sister. As Manu and Swami agrees to get nominated the battery charges and both of them gets a chance to meet their loved ones. Bigg Boss will cancel Manu and Swami’s nomination punishment.

Then after all this, there came a moment when Nitibha asked Manveer to remove his t-shirt. What is it? Why did she do this? Everyone will be thinking what is Nitibha doing. But wait do not go beyond imagination. Here is the reason why Nitibha asked him to do this. Manveer wore a t-shirt and something was written on it.  ‘Lo khada ho Gaya main apne pairon par‘ this is the full sentence but only half of it was written on the t-shirt, ‘Lo khada ho Gaya’  it has double meaning in Hindi. Nitibha saw Manveer wearing this t-shirt, after that she tells him that what is written on his t-shirt is vulgar so change it. Then Manveer goes to the restroom and changes the t-shirt.

Nitibha asked Manveer to change his t-shirt because something Vulgar was written on his t-shirt.

After changing t-shirt the discussion was going on between Nitibha, Lopamudra Raut, Manu Punjabi and Manveer in the bedroom. Nitibha asked Manveer how did makers allow to bring this t-shirt, then Lopa said Jason shah got an unmannerly t-shirt and he was asked to change it. Yes, this is one of the rules of Bigg Boss show!

Don’t think something else that why did Nitibha asked Manveer to remove his t-shirt. LOL but true !!!

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