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Here Is Who Won The ‘Immunity Task’ And Got Two Weeks Immunity in BIgg Boss 10 House!

As we all know the weekend ka vaar episode with superstar Salman khan is back with new twist and surprises….

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on November 6, 2016

As we all know the weekend ka vaar episode with superstar Salman khan is back with new twist and surprises. Now we can say that Bigg  Boss 10 is becoming much interesting and we like to watch it. Last night episode was entertaining and the one thing personally I liked was Salman pulling Swami ji’s leg.

In this fun and Masti we should not forget that Manu, Manveer, Monalisa, Lopamudra, Nitibha, Bani, Swami are nominated. Bollywood celebs Shraddha Kapoor and  Farhan Akhtar entered the house to promote their film Rock On 2! The housemates enjoyed with the celebrities. They played a game and had fun, we saw the highlight that the housemates will fight because of this.

Well, today’s episode will be more excited. Yes, there are many twist and surprises. Salman will assign a new task for the contestants which is called as  “Immunity medallion”. We saw the glimpse of this in yesterday’s episode. This is the unique task that housemates will face today.  Every contestant has to bid the medal and the contestant with the highest bid will win the task.

Well, we know BB won’t give that much easy task there is a twist and also took  a shocking turn. The contestants are playing a game but did they know that the highest amount will be deducted from their own winning price money.  Isn’t that shocking twist, yes it is.

Highest bid amount will be deducted from their own winning Price.


Yes, you heard it right  whoever wins the task with the highest bidding amount will get immunity for two weeks but at the same time, the amount will be deducted from the winning price. So now it’s obvious you wants to know who won the Immunity task. Don’t worry will let you know who won the task and two weeks immunity.

It’s none other than Nitibha Kaul, Yes Nitibha won the two weeks immunity with the highest price of Rs. 25 lakh and she is saved from next two nominations. Now we need to see Bigg Boss 10 today’s episode how will other contestants react after Nitibha won the task.

Nitibha Kaul won the task and got Two weeks Immunity.

What more happens will be seeing in tonight’s episode. Stay connected with us and share your thoughts with us.

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