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Who Will Be The First Captain Of Bigg Boss Season 10??

In Bigg Boss 10, as BB has announced all the contestants have to play their individual game, there will be no teams, no Celebs, no Indiawale, no sevaks and no Maalik everything is changed in the house. In just three weeks lots of things have happened in the house. There were lots of fights, drama, eliminations, immunities, apart from all these one thing was missing in the house and that is the CAPTAIN. So now, BB season 10 has reached to captain, Yes, it’s time to choose the captain of the house all the contestants have to select the captain for the house.

Who Is The First Captain Of Bigg Boss Season 10?


In tonight’s episode, you will get the first captain of the house. Whoever will be the captain he/she will be managing all the tasks and work according to the rules of Bigg Boss house. Here we will tell you the name who are selected for the first captain of the house. Can you guess who will be the first captain??  BB has announced that the first three contestants who will go in the confession room will be selected for captainship and the three contestants who are selected are Manu Panjabi, Swami Ji and VJ Bani. Now, these three will be going to each housemate and ask for a vote to get the captainship.

VJ Bani Is the First captain of Bigg Boss 10

The first captain of Bigg Boss 10 is none other then VJ Bani. Now we need to see how Bani deals with all housemates and will she be able to tolerate the drama in the house.

How many will be happy with this decision will be knowing in tonight’s episode. Share your thoughts with us and be connected with us to get news of Bigg Boss 10.


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