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What Swami Ji Did With The 2 weeks Immunity? It’s Shocking For All The Housemates.

Another week of Bigg Boss 10 is started, last week Sahil Anand the wild card contestant was eliminated from the…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on December 12, 2016

Another week of Bigg Boss 10 is started, last week Sahil Anand the wild card contestant was eliminated from the house and Priyanka Jagga has entered into the secret room, housemates are unaware of it. Once again Monday is back and we all know there will be nominations. This time nomination task is different, all the contestants need to tie the balloon on their back and whoever’s balloon will burst they will be nominated.

There is another twist in the game, we reveal, Bigg Boss called Swami Ji into the confession room and has introduced the immunity task. Other contestants are in living area and watching Swami Ji. There is a big twist in the game as Swami Ji has got the golden opportunity to get 2 weeks of immunity not only this BB gave him immunity with a big twist.

BB announced to Swami Ji, to get 2 two weeks immunity Swami Ji has to give Rs 10 Lakhs from the winning price amount. Yes, this is the twist in the immunity. If Swami Ji takes 2 weeks immunity then 10 lakhs will be deducted from the winning price money. If Swami Ji will take immunity other contestants will also suffer. When BB called Swami Ji in the confession room, other contestants were asked to sit in the living are watch Swami Ji on the TV. Housemates saw each and every reaction of Swami Ji.

Swami Ji Took 2 Weeks Of Immunity And Rs. 10 Lakh is Deducted from the Winning Price Amount!

Now, the question is will Swami take the immunity or not? Will he give up the immunity of two weeks for other contestants of the house? Don’t worry we are here to tell you each and everything about Swami what he did?

We reveal, Yes, swami Ji took the two weeks of immunity and Rs 10 Lakh has been deducted from the winning amount. Now only 15 Lakh is left in the winning price amount. All the housemates are upset with this decision of Swami Ji. After watching everything Manveer called this thing is unfair for the other housemates.

Earlier Nitibha got 2 weeks of immunity in the medallion task and Rs 25 Lakhs were deducted from winning amount. Total price money was Rs 50 Lakhs, 25 lakh was deducted because of Nitibha and now once again 10 Lakh is deducted because of Swami Ji. Now the winning price is only Rs. 15 Lakh. It is a sad news for all the housemates.

What you guys think how will all the housemates react after Swami Ji will come out of the confession room. Share your thoughts with us by commenting below. Stay tuned to us for all the news of BB 10.


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