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WHAT! Romania’s Newspaper Refer Iulia Vantur As Salman Khan’s Wife, Called Iulia ‘Doamna Khan’

Salman Khan is in Leh-Ladakh to shoot for Kabir Khan’s Tubelight and has taken Iulia Vantur along with him. Iulia and Salman are set to tie the knot later this year, But a Romanian tabloid suggests that the two are already married. A leading tabloid in Romania has been addressing Iulia as ‘Doamna Khan‘, which translates as ‘royal Mrs Khan‘, says a report in TOI.


There is not official proof about this allegation by the Romanian media but rumours are hot in Romania about the marriage of Salman and Iulia. It is believed that Salman after dating her other co-stars from Bollywood industries, finally choose Iulia as her life partner. Also, Salman chooses her simply because Iulia mixes with his family easily.

Born in Romania in 1980, Iulia Vantur completed her schooling with specialisation in law at 15, going on to work as a TV presenter and model. An only child of social worker parents who run the Hope Foundation in Romania, Iulia went on to work full-time with Europa Nova, a local channel in Eastern Europe.

Salman Khan’s alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur was referred to as ‘Doamna Khan, which translates to royal Mrs. Khan by a Romanian newspaper.

Just a few days ago, Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur met the Dalai Lama in Leh, Ladakh, where Khan’s film Tubelight was being shot.

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