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What Made Rohan Mehra Question Manu Punjabi About His Criminal Records.

As we saw in the promo the new task is going on. We reveal Bigg Boss has introduced a new…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on January 12, 2017

As we saw in the promo the new task is going on. We reveal Bigg Boss has introduced a new luxury budget task which is called, “BB call center”. The task is between two teams and the teams are, “Call Centre Executives” and “Customers”.  Rohan Mehra, VJ Bani, and Nitibha Kaul are the customers and ManveerManu Punjabi, and Lopamdura Raut are the call center executives. Monalisa will be “sanchalak” of the new task.

The task is like this, all the customers have to call the call centre executives and customer should trouble them so much that they hung up the phone. If the employee hung up they will lose their points. One customer can go to the phone booth and call to the employee of the call centre with whoever they want. Rohan Mehra is the first customer to call Manu Punjabi, their conversation is shocking. This side of Rohan Mehra will be seen for the first time, Rohan will be see so angry as se speaks out everything what was going on in his mind.

Must See the Promo of Rohan and Manu’s conversation:

Tonight we will see Rohan calling to Manu Punjabi and he questions Manu about his criminal records and Rohan even ask him what connection he has with the jail. He even tells him that he couldn’t become a captain in these 12 weeks and taunts Manu that his performance is so poor in the game. Everything you have done in the game is just talking behind of everyone. As the call centre executive Manu Punjabi has to stay calm and he can’t fight Manu just stay quite and listen to Rohan. After they finished the call Manu discussed this thing with Manveer and said Rohan has gone very low in the task he was worse than Priyanka Jagga.

Next VJ Bani calls Lopamudra Raut, both of them starts their cat-fight. Bani says Lopa that she thinks she is beautiful and will she marry a guy just for the sake of money? Next is Nitbha, she calls Manveer and was a bit rude to him but Manveer was so good to Nitibha. All this is going to create a new fiight in the house.  Do not miss tonight’s episode it’s going to be so interesting. We need to see who wins the Luxury Budget task.

What do you think who will win the task? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below. Stay tuned to us for more updates of BB 10!

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