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This is what Dogs dream of while they are sleeping and it’s super adorable!

An expert says when humans best friends are sleeping they probably dream about their owners. Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a Psychologist at Harvard Medical School recently said that dogs are likely to be dreaming about their owners. The Doctor at Harvard Medical School who had spent years studying sleep behavior in humans has said in a recent interview with an online site People.

In the interview, Dr. Deirdre Barrett says that most mammals have a similar sleep cycle like humans and as humans dream about the same things they’re interested in by day. Since dogs are generally very attached to their owners, it’s likely that your dog is dreaming of you, as she explained the theory of how the human dreams work.

And the realization that your adorable, cuddly ad furry best friends are likely dreaming of your faces made all the pet owners around the world right in the feels and here are few tweets that shows how exactly everyone on social media is going crazy as Dr. Barrett’s tweet itself has got over 61,000 retweets in about 4 days.


How adorable it is to know that our pet might just be dreaming about us while sleeping.

Just can’t stop Aww-ing!

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