Pakistani pop singing, Ali Zafar has made into news yet again by reading poetic version of Taher Shah’s latest and viral music video ‘Angel’. The video kicks off in a sober and solemn tone which Zafar maintains throughout and this best part which viewers have loved the most, Ali has won applause for coming up with a rendition of the “lyrical genius”.

Ali Zafar took to his Twitter handle to share his version of Angel and wrote alongside, Lived through “Eye to eye”. Couldn’t resist this. My rendition of the “Angel” by #TaherShah.

According to estimation, fans have overlooked lyrics of Angel in Taher Shah’s single as the entire attention was centered upon Taher Shah, But Ali Zafar has cleared the picture via infusing complete emotions with lyrics making it worth-hearing for us.

Angel ft. Ali Zafar

"Angel" by Ali Zafar. #TahirShah

Posted by Ali Zafar on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You have to check out the original before you take a look at Ali’s version of the song. Here’s Taher Shah’s track:

Comment below and let us know Which version is more better? Taher Shah? or Ali Zafar?