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WHAAAT! Aryan Khan Just Uploaded A Picture Posing With A Sex Toy!

Aryan Khan dares to pose with a sex toy and shared it on his Instagram account. Aryan Khan and his friends…

By Administrator in Bollywood on June 11, 2016

Aryan Khan dares to pose with a sex toy and shared it on his Instagram account. Aryan Khan and his friends are chilling in Bangkok for their summer break. Aryan visited an Adult-only museum in Bangkok. And he can be seen with a friend posing next to what looks like a sex toy.

Most of the youngsters today are super active on social media. Whether they are happy or sad, one does not fail to express their emotions through their statuses and pictures by sharing it on social media platforms. And one such devoted social media person is the popular star kid Aryan Khan. This young hot lad is the elder son of B-town’s superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

aryan khan1

Aryan Khan sure seems to be living his life on his own terms. Without caring a damn, he posted this photo on a social networking handle. Aryan Khan is having a gala time in Thailand with his cool boy gang and many others too from his school. Aryan who is holidaying in Phuket has posted a picture that was never expected out of him even in the wildest dreams.

Shah Rukh Khan had brushed off the rumors surrounding Aryan’s relationship status in an interview as he’d said, “My kids have been very friendly. The conversations I have with them, I would have with my friends, if I had any. So, we sit down and chat, we make fun, we laugh, and we even grieve together. I think parental conversations, Gauri has with them. I don’t ask them about their relationships. They talk to their mother more about stuff like this. But I never ask them. Whenever, they want to say, they say it. But their relationships are things which are completely different from the kind of films I do. (laughs)”

Featured Image Source:AryanKhanInstagramAccount

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