The World is getting weirder day by day. So are the people. So is the advertising industry. Just when we Tapatap was the pinnacle of creativity in advertising, this ad has come out and is all over our news feed. Four women saying ‘I was feeling shy’ while her friend says ‘me too’, the advertisements start. The suspense goes on for some time and then they reveal the product.

The whole ad contains a lot of Ewwww’s as they discuss each other’s poop habits. One uses a bottle while another prefers toilet paper. That’s when ‘the prestige’ of this ad reveals itself – the ultimate product, a detachable jet-spray which you can carry in a pouch.

I don’t really know what to say, ridiculous or creative, after watching that ad. It made me cringe, a lot, like really, a lot. But it was hilarious AF at the same time.

Watch the whole ad here:

This is the most epic video ever 😂

Posted by Varun Agarwal on Sunday, September 3, 2017