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We bet you didn’t knew these 7 Astonishing facts about the Birthday Boy, Hrithik Roshan

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Hrithik, the hottest creation of Bollywood. The man with Greek god look, turned 43…

By Administrator in Bollywood on January 10, 2017

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Hrithik, the hottest creation of Bollywood. The man with Greek god look, turned 43 today. Apart from his good looks, Hrithik has everyone on the edge of their seats with his amazing acting and Dancing talents. Even though his last release, mohenjo-daro couldn’t do well at the box-office, Hrithik’s performance was hugely appreciated by both critics and Audience.

Now, he is all set for his next release Kaabil which is directed by Sanjay Gupta and has created a lots of buzz provided that it’s clashing with Shah Rukh Khan’s much awaited Raees. Here are a few astonishing Facts about the Krrish actor –

1. Hrithik’s actual Surname is Nagrath:

Shocked? But that’s how it is. They are nagraths and not Roshans. Isn’t Hrithik Nagrath a bit weird? Well as fans, let’s stick to Roshan itself.

2. He once Practiced saying ‘Thank You Dubai’ for 2 hours in his bathroom:

Hrithik was a stammerer when he was young. He did some speech training to get over it. During the early stage of his career, he had problems saying a few words. Hrithik himself revealed that once he was supposed to give a short speech somewhere in Dubai. He had to begin by saying “Thank You Dubai” but he had issues in clearly saying “Dubai“. He locked himself up in a bathroom and practiced saying “Thank You Dubai” for almost 2 hours. He has completely gotten over that speaking disorder now.

3. His first earning was ₹100:

He earned it for a movie called Aasha, where he was supposed to dance with jeetendra. He bought hot-wheels toy cars with his first payment.

4. Sussane gifted him his first watch, from her pocket money:

We need not say much about the awesome chemistry between Sussane and Hrithik. Although they’ve broken up now, they still get along pretty well. Hrithik has often confessed that Sussane was love at first sight for him.

5. Don’t click him while he is eating:

Hrithik hates being clicked while eating. Beware if you are a Fan. You don’t want to anger him, Right?

6. He actually performed all his stunts in Zindagi naa Milegi dobara:

Remember the stunts they featured in ZNMD? Those planned by the 3 characters? Well, Hrithik Roshan actually performed them.

7. He loves Pranking people:

Like Ajay Devgn and Akshay kumar, Hrithik Roshan is also good at Pranking people. Recently during shoot for his movie Mohenjo-daro, he almost made his co-star Pooja Hegde eat Chalk in the name of Protein Biscuit. Well, Having fun is important too. Isn’t it?

So, these were some facts about the Greek God, Hrithik Roshan. How many of these you knew already? Let us know in the comment section.

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