We Asked 10 Mumbaikars, Why Living In Mumbai Is The Best Experience Ever. Here’s What They Said.

Mumbai is the ‘City of Dreams’ that welcomes people from all over the world with open arms. It is also the biggest city and financial capital of India. For a non-Mumbaikar, the city might seem overcrowded with high pollution, traffic chaos, and poor infrastructure. But if you ask a Mumbaikar about Mumbai just as we did you will get to see a different picture altogether. For them, it is the most vibrant and lively city that makes the best place to live in, not only in India but worldwide. The TYM team questioned 10 random Mumbaikars why living in Mumbai is the best experience ever, and here’s what they said.

A ride in a Mumbai Local tells you all about the city

The local trains are the lifeline of Mumbai that can take you to any nook and corner of the city in the least possible time. Travelling in the locals give you the real feel of the city and you can explore it on your own in just 2-3 days.

Head to the sea to beat your loneliness

The best way to beat the stress is to spend some time with yourself by the sea side. A quiet evening at the Worli-Sea Face or Marine Drive can clear all ambiguity in your mind and the experience is extremely soothing.

Mumbai street food is the best

Mumbai is the only place where the popularity of Vada Pav can even beat Mc Donalds. The city serves the most delicious street food, and just talking about it can make us salivate. The dhabas and food stalls are open until wee hours that serve hot, mouth-watering food even at 3 in the night.

You don’t need loads of money to become a Fashionista

The local markets in Mumbai are an ultimate shopper’s paradise. A classy, gorgeous outfit for a special date can come as cheap as Rs. 300. Head to Colaba, Linking Road or Fashion Street to get the best of fashion stuff right from clothes and shoes to accessories at dirt cheap prices.

Mumbai gives the best nightlife experience

It’s never late to party at Mumbai. The posh night clubs and lounges in Mumbai are open even post mid-night and turn out to be the best place to chill and party. It is also extremely safe to return home at late hours, especially for girls. Mumbai’s night is indeed worth experiencing.

Larger than life Ganesh Festival

Ganesh Utsav is the most awaited time of the year for all Mumbaikars. The level of excitement and fervor during this 10-day long festival is unmatched. Besides Ganesh Utsav, other festivals Janmashtami, Navratri and Diwali are also celebrated with immense zeal and enthusiasm.

We can’t agree more on this post. Mumbai is the most amazing city that lives up to its title of ‘the city that never sleeps’.

The list definitely does not end here; there are much more things to look forward in Mumbai that makes it the most incredible place to live in. ‘Amchi Mumbai’ we love you!

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