The Futsal Anthem which released on July 7 by Oscar Award-winning AR Rahman and India’s greatest batsman Virat Kohli. In this video, AR Rahman and Virat Kohli can be seen together and both of them performing singing and dance. The official video of Futsal in AR Rahman not only singing, but also performing few steps. Virat Kohli also makes moves and also sings few part of the lyrics.

Premier Futsal is a franchise-based Futsal league that is set to take place in India starting in July 2016.


After releasing the video AR Rahman said, “I’m proud to associate with Premier Futsal for the league’s official anthem. It makes me happy to see such young entrepreneurs being passionate about the sporting scenario of the country and I wish them all the success in this venture. I’m especially excited to work with Virat Kohli on this, let’s hope he is as good with his melody as he is with his bat!”