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Why did angry RP SINGH throws away his fan's mobile phone when asked for a selfie?

Cricketer Rudra Pratap Singh (RP Singh) played a proper role in winning the Ranji Trophy title, but now it looks like he is in a bad mood as R.P Singh was seen throwing his fan’s phone on the cricket ground. In Indore, a video was recorded where RP Singh team’s final was against Mumbai and the 31-year-old RP Singh was seen throwing a mobile phone of his fan who was present at the Holkar Stadium.

This incident took place on the 4th day’s play between Gujarat and Mumbai when a fan of RP Singh asked for a selfie.

In a video R.P Singh was seen on a boundary line where his fans were standing, One of his young fans just extended his hands through the fencing for a selfie. As the child was heard saying ‘photo please, ek selfie lelo, ab tumhe Gujarat ko support karna padega’ to RP Singh, to which the cricketer took it completely in a wrong manner and picked the mobile phone from his fans hand and threw it on the ground near the Ranji Trophy.
Why did angry RP SINGH throws away his fan's mobile phone when asked for a selfie? 1
In spite of being superb on-field performances, Singh did not calm down at the final while fielding against Mumbai. According to the sources, this is the second time when RP Singh showed his anger on the ground. A day before also RP Singh showed his middle finger to his fan in the stadium. The reason why he did this is still not known but however, it will leave a bad taste.
There are also people on the social media who witnessed the whole situation said, R.P Singh was about to take a selfie with mobile in his hand and suddenly he saw that the bowler was about to bowl, so he left the phone on the ground and later. after the delivery he came back and took the selfie with the kid.

There seems no point jumping to conclusions from 10 sec video but what seems here is actually wrong.

For India RP Singh has played 14 Tests, 58 ODIs, and 10 T20Is and in each format, he took 40, 69 and 15 wickets. In India’s ICC World Twenty20 triumph in 2007 under captain MS Dhoni, RP Singh played a key role. Last he was seen at Cardiff in 2011 in India at colors against England.

Watch out the video here:

We also know every player on the ground play under tremendous pressure & if somebody is constantly harassing him for Selfie or any reason then such a reaction from the Player is very obvious. If we can remember an incident by Pakistani cricketer Inzamam, he used to react similarly when mischievous spectators used to tease him AALU (Potato) and the time people threw empty water bottles at him. In short, there is a reason for everything and nobody reacts for nothing.

A humble and down to earth nature of any person makes him/her great in true senses otherwise even a celebrity is not appreciated.

Featured Image Source: Youtube Screenshot

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