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Watch: Parvez Rasool attracts controversy by chewing gum during National Anthem

Parvez Rasool who plays for Indian Cricket team from almost one and half years.  He plays as an all-rounder for Jammu and Kashmir. Parvez is a captain of Jammu and Kashmir team. Parvez thought of having a great outing, but he got slammed on the Internet for acting insensitive. On Thursday in Kanpur, there was a start of the first T20 between India and England. Before the beginning of the match, they played national anthems of India and England. All of them were singing our national anthem while the off-spinner was seen chewing gum.
Yes, Parvez Rasool was spotted on camera, he was chewing gum when the national anthem was played, and this did not go well with Twitterati. All the Twitterati lost their temper and slammed him on Twitter. Many of them thought Parvez has disrespected to National anthems. He shouldn’t have done this while the anthem was played. Some of the tweetarati’s asked BCCI to take action against Parvez for disrespecting national anthem.
Here are the Tweets by many of them.
Swapnil Kumar posted a video of Parvez Rasool chewing gum.

Parvez Rasool shouldn’t have done this. He disrespected national anthem. What a shame!
India lost the match by seven wickets. From Parvez 4 overs he finished with 32 for 1. Now we need to see what BCCI do for this. Will they take a strict action against Parvez Rasool or they will ignore it.

Parvez Rasool should show some respect towards the Country.

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