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Watch Karnataka MLA Ashok Kheny Abuses Female Reporter Megha Prasad.

On Monday, Karnataka MLA Ashok Kheny used abusive language against one of the female journalists at a Mumbai hotel. Times Now Reporter, Megha Prasad approached Ashok Kheny demanding answers regarding the “horse-trading” allegations on Congress, who are allegedly offering high paying offers to independent MLAs to secure their votes in the Rajya Sabha elections.

When faced with such sharp and difficult questions, Ashok Kheny, who first avoided the reporter several times, suddenly lost his cool and was seen saying, “arrest karo saali ko.”

Ashok Kheny was later confronted by the channel’s editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, for an apology, but the the MLA refused adding that he would do so if the reporter issued an apology to him first.

After the incident Times Now released another video showing a conversation between Ashok Kheny and Arnab Goswami, who insisted that the MLA issue a written apology. Kheny refused and said he would say sorry only if the Megha Prasad apologised for thrusting mic. into his face. Arnab Goswami confronted Ashok Kheny over the filthy language that he has used at the Reporter.

Arnab Goswami confronts stung Karnataka MLA Ashok Kheny

VIDEO: TIMES NOW Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami confronts stung Karnataka MLA Ashok Kheny for abusing TIMES NOW reporter #DemocracyForSale

Posted by TIMES NOW on Monday, June 6, 2016

Not affected by the accusation, Prasad continued prodding Kheny when he spoke to her in, as Goswami calls it, “disgraceful language.”

Arnab not only confronted Kheny on his use of language with the journalist, he also demanded an apology from him on public television. This time, Goswami heckling a politician not only delivered the spectacle that is his forte, but it also came as a (pleasant) surprise as he stood up for his colleague.

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