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Watch Harbhajan Singh Takes Down Great Khali’s Student In This Amazing Wrestling Match

Indian greatest spinner Harbhajan Singh who is known to never back away from a fight, faced an uncommon opponent in Jalandhar recently. Instead of the cricket pitch, Harbhajan found himself in a wrestling ring challenged by a student of the Great Khali at Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE).

Harbhajan Singh was seen beating a professional wrestler inside the ring in Great Khali’s wrestling academy.

It all started when Harbhajan went to see a match in CWE academy also known as The Great Khali’s wrestling academy in Kangniwal village of Jalandhar. Khali who was also present and as soon as the match was over, the renowned former WWE wrestler took Indian cricketer near to the ring and suddenly a student of him challenged Harbhajan.

Harbhajan Singh accept the challenge, is screamed at by a wrestler, apparently the protege of The Great Khali, who demands that he leaves. When he stands his ground, the wrestler runs at him to attack, only to have Harbhajan duck the blow and retaliate, sending him to the mat.

Impressed by Harbhajan wrestling skills, the Great Khali honored the spinner with a ‘gadda’. Later, Harbhajan stated that he doesn’t need to worry about anything since Great Khali is with him.


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