Cricket is not just a popular, but a religious sport in India. It was introduced during the time of British Colonial rule, but even after the Britishers left the country the popularity of cricket has only reached newer heights. Cricket is enjoyed by all age groups and the fame and glamor associated with this sport inspire the Indian youth to pursue it professionally. Playing cricket was no longer just a game, but became a good career option for sports enthusiasts.

Are you passionate about playing cricket? Do you aspire to become another Sachin Tendulkar? If yes, then it is important for you to get professional training for this sport at an early age. Here is the list of 6 Indian Cricket Academies you should consider joining if you want to become a professional cricketer for your country.

1. Sehwag Cricket Academy, Jhajjar –

This is one of the most popular cricket academies of India that was started by Virender Sehwag, a prominent player of Indian Cricket Team. Sehwag Cricket Academy provided quality training to players under the guidance of experts in a complete world-class cricketing infrastructure. The main motto of this academy is to impart cricket training in an innovative and fun environment.


2. Madan Lal Cricket Academy, New Delhi –

Started by the legendary Indian cricketer, Madan Lal this academy is a pioneering academy for cricket training that is equipped with state-of-art facilities. Getting into Madan Lal Cricket Academy is tough, but once you are in, there is no looking back.


3. Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Bangalore –

This cricket academy was established in 1996 and is the most reputed academy in this field. It is one-of-its-kind cricket academy that imparts different courses at varying levels throughout the year. The Karnataka Institute of Cricket not only attracts aspiring cricketers from India but also from abroad.


4. National School of Cricket, Dehradun –

The National School of Cricket is a joint initiative of Asian School and Abhimanyu Cricket Academy. The infrastructure and professional training offered to students in this academy are unmatched. This Indian Cricket Academy offers both full-time residential and non-residential training courses.


5. Jaipur Cricket Academy, Jaipur –

Founded in 2010, the Jaipur Cricket Academy runs under the patronage of Shamsher Singh. This academy strives to offer professional coaching and training to help their students to find their names among the legendary cricket players. The Jaipur Cricket Academy also assists upcoming players to learn new skills in a comfortable coaching atmosphere.


6. Vengsarkar Cricket Academy, Mumbai –

This cricket academy was started in Mumbai in 1994 by Dilip Vengsarkar, a former Indian Cricket Team Skipper. This academy is the most sought-after place for cricket enthusiasts. VCA boasts of modern facilities and high standards of cricket training and has also trained some of the best players of the present Indian Cricket Team.


These were the best Indian Cricket Academies for budding cricketers.

These cricket academies hone the talent of their students and bring them closer to their dream of playing cricket at National level.