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VJ Bani Speaks Up In Her First Interview After Coming Out Of Bigg Boss House!

It was tough to decide the winner of Bigg Boss 10 from top 2 finalists, Manveer Gurjar and VJ Bani….

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on January 30, 2017

It was tough to decide the winner of Bigg Boss 10 from top 2 finalists, Manveer Gurjar and VJ Bani. Both of them were favorite of the audience but finally, Manveer Gurjar won the show, and VJ Bani became the first runner-up. Most of the celebrity contestants were sure that Bani would win the show as she has a huge fan following. She made some friends on the show, and she struggled a lot and continued the game. Bani was nominated 13 times in the show, but then also she ended up becoming 1st runner-up.
In an interview with DNA, after coming out of the house, VJ Bani opens up on losing against a commoner. But Still, she feels like the winner, her thoughts for other contestants and much more.

Are you disappointed that you didn’t win the show?

Yes, because this was something that I wanted to win. And, I could see the love every day, so I knew that there was no way I could lose. Staying 107 days in the house hasn’t been the easiest for me. And it may sound lame, but since day one of the show, I felt I was going to win. Even before going into the house, I had told Gauahar (Khan) that I will be winning the show. At no point did I feel I will lose, not even when I got nominated or did not win a task and people said ‘what are you doing,’ I had no doubts, I just had this overwhelming feeling that I will win. So, it’s disappointing that I didn’t. Even now, when Manveer has got the title, I still feel like I have won. I think after a few days, it will sink in.

Who deserves to win the show?

I am glad that Manveer was with me among the top two. I even told him that when we were going to meet Salman sir back stage. In a way, it is good for the show which was about aam aadmi vs. celebritiy, that an aam aadmi has won. More than anything I am happy that it’s someone deserving, who has won it.

Thoughts about Lopamudra Raut and her fights.

Lopa is awesome, we just had some miscommunication in the house. It was always the wrong time – when she would talk to me I would be in a bad mood and when I would try to talk to her she would be highly defensive. But Lopa is a great girl.

Did Bigg Boss house change you?

I will find out when I go out in the real world. If anybody tells me anything right now ‘ do this or do that,’ I will say okay. I have become highly obedient! (Laughs).

She met Gauhar Khan first after coming out of the house.

The first thing I did was hang out with Gauahar who came to meet me in the finale. She will be leaving tonight, which is very sad and I will join her soon, wherever she goes (she hasn’t disclosed). Before that, I will chill with my mother and eat lots of food. More importantly, I will stay away from the phone!

Her journey in the house.

It was extremely difficult. There were more downs than ups. I don’t know how to explain. So many things happened. I aged while I was in the house, I have got one beautiful white hair! I also grew one more wisdom tooth while I was in the house, it is so bizarre.

With who she will be in touch?

I have told the contestants, especially from the aam aadmi side, who want to come and try in the industry, to contact me if they need help in getting place to stay, etc. And Gaurav I just met during the finale. Plus he stays close to my house. Then there’s Karan (Mehra) with whom I will keep in touch.
So guys it’s the end of BB10! From now there will be no weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan, no tasks, no fights nothing. So Till then do whatever you want to do man!

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