Kolkata is getting prepared for its biggest festival, the Durga Puja. During this time of the year, the mayhem and the madness around makes it an epitome of carnival. The brilliant pandals, dazzling lights, the crowd, a plethora of theme pujas, traditional artistry at display and mouth-watering food suitably describe the spirit of Kolkata during Durga Puja. The fervour and enthusiasm can inarguably be found nowhere in this world. If you still haven’t visited the ‘city of joy’ during Durga Puja, then this post will surely make you want to do it once in your lifetime (if not every year). Here is why you must visit Kolkata during Durga Puja this year.

1. Pandal Hopping

When it comes to showing their devotion to Goddess Durga, the artisan in Kolkata will surpass all your imagination. Immense hard work and dedication is involved in the making of these pandals spread across the city. Pandal hopping is the favorite activity of Kolkatans during pujas. Visiting these thematic pandals marked with innovation is a visual treat for your eyes.

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2. The Food

Bengalis are true foodies and so Durga Puja is the best time to devour the true taste of Bengal. Most of the restaurants in the city come up with their innovative Bengali cuisine menu that are simply too good to resist. Moreover the lip-smacking street food spread also awaits you as you hop from one pandal to another. You cannot miss out on the ‘bhog’ that is offered to the Goddess Durga every single day.

3. The Dressing Up

During Durga Puja both men and women come up with the best of their traditional attires.  The women are spotted in beautiful red sarees, sparkling jewelry and not-to-be-missed red bindi. The men also look hot in kurtas and dhoti. If you love dressing up, pujas is the right time to visit Kolkata and the grandeur will leave you spellbound.

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4. Night outs

Its puja time in Kolkata and the city never sleeps during this week-long celebration. Group of youngsters gather at their ‘adda’ zone and the night is well spent chit chatting, dancing or playing games. Even the roads are flooded with enthusiastic pandal hoppers and the energy level is invariably high.

Source: Telegraph India

5. Friendship that lasts a lifetime

With festivities around, everyone is in their best mood. During this time, people forget their enmity and even stranger’s end up being friends for a lifetime. The city of joy welcomes everyone with open arms and the warmth around will make you feel as if you have always been a part of this place.

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6. Dhunuchi Naach

Dhunuchi Naach defines the true essence of Durga Puja. The sight of a devotee (either man or woman) dancing to the tunes of dhapp with an earthen pot that is filled with lighted coconut husks (known as Dhunuchi) is simply incredible. The smoke from the Dhunuchi may slightly trouble your eyes; nevertheless your senses will be engulfed with the mystifying aroma.

Source: Telegraph India

7. Bisarjan

The festivities of Durga Puja come to an end on the day of ‘Vijaya Dashmi’ and the Bengalis bid farewell to their Goddess for her early return next year. The ceremonies of the day come to an end with ‘Sindur Khela’ and the final beats of the dhak leaves every one teary eyed.

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Kolkata transforms into a newly wedded bride at the time of Durga Puja. It is indeed a delightful experience to visit the city during this large-than-life celebration.

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