On January 8, Videos of BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav over the living conditions of Jawan’s at the border have Gone Viral in Social networking media in which he demonstrated the terrible conditions in which the fighters are. The video shows the food which they get, half-cooked chapatis and pulses. While he doesn’t accuse the administration, he reveals insight into the mal-practices of the senior officers.

He said, “The Indian government gives everything. The stores are full, In any case, all that goes to the market. Where it goes and who offers them should be arrested.” He also asked Prime Minister to get this researched.

Home Ministry authorities later said that Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had asked the Union Home Secretary to instantly look for a report from the BSF and make the appropriate move. In a tweet, Singh stated, “I have seen a video about the BSF jawan’s situation. I have asked the HS to instantly look for a report from the BSF and appropriate proper move.”

The BSF officer purportedly said that Yadav had confronted disciplinary procedures already on different charges, including “alcohol abuse”

However, if what he claims is true then the matter for sure should be considered necessary and this is the thing that cricketer Virender Sehwag said in a tweet which turned into a Viral in social media everywhere twitter, Facebook. He even began a hashtag #Food4Soldiers which got via web-based networking media.

“Whatever said and done, our Soldiers and Farmers need to be taken better care of, Proper food needs to reach them all.#Food4Soldiers. Not Only Virender Sehwag others sportsman and celebrity also come in support of this BSF constable. We all have to take this matter seriously and we all should start trend #Food4Soldiers.

If you haven’t still read the news about the BSF Jawan, Here’s a UPDATE – BSF Soldier Who Posted Video On Poor Quality Food Has Now Got Transferred And Given Plumber’s Duty.