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Virat Kohli's mantra: Few friends, less distraction.

The new captain of Indian Cricket Team Virat Kohli is fully focusing not only on the field but even off…

By Administrator in Cricket News on January 17, 2017

The new captain of Indian Cricket Team Virat Kohli is fully focusing not only on the field but even off the field. In an interview to a British TV Channel, Virat Kohli said to the ex-England captain Nasser Hussain, “Luckily, I don’t have too many people in my life that I am close to. I think that helps. If you have too many people and too many friends you speak to, you get distracted and your time management becomes impossible”. Finally, Virat Kohli has opened up about the adjustment that he made in his game in the poor tour of England in 2014. That time Virat failed to score 50-plus in five tests. Later, Virat’s strength was seen increasing, in the tour of Australia at the end of 2014 he began with four hundreds in four Tests and till today he is continuing that.
Virat Kohli felt that he was in pressure and was lacking to score runs in England, most important were errors in his batting technique. Virat said to Nasser Hussain in an interview,  “I had put too much pressure on myself before going to England (2014) that I needed to score there. I don’t know why subcontinent players are given different benchmarks that we have to perform in certain countries and if you don’t do that, you are not considered a good player. I think it was more about me being desperate to do well in England and then when you don’t do well; you start going down mentally”.

Virat said the changes were difficult to perform, “This change has become easy now, but it was not so at the beginning. I was batting three hours a day. I had cramps in my forearms by the end of the week. I did that for about 10 days. You know in golf they say you have to hit a shot 400-500 times before you can perfect that shot. So it was more about precise practice as I wanted to tune my head to play that way. I wasn’t used to forward pressing as I was waiting for the ball to clip it off my leg or waiting for the short ball.”
Virat even said that Sachin Tendulkar suggested me the further movement. He said, “There Sachin helped as he told me that I have to approach a fast bowler (forward press) just like you approach a spinner. One has to get on top of the ball not worry about pace or swing; you got to get towards the ball. That advice helped me”.
After talking to Nasser Hussain, Virat Tweeted and said;

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