Virat Kohli Is All Set To Rap For A.R. Rahman In Premier Futsal Anthem!

India star Batsman Virat Kohli will be singing the official anthem of Premier Futsal and it will be composed by AR Rahman. The Premier Futsal anthem titled Naam hai Futsal will be released with a video featuring Kohli through digital platform by the month-end. This will be the first for the Oscar-winning music director to compose and sing an official anthem for a franchise-based sports league in the country. Virat Kohli, said that the event will give youngsters an opportunity to get involved to show their talent. The league has already roped in former Portuguese footballer Luis Figo as president.

AR Rahman said, “I’m proud to associate with Premier Futsal for the league’s official anthem. It makes me happy to see such young entrepreneurs being passionate about the sporting scenario of the country and I wish them all the success in this venture. I’m especially excited to work with Virat Kohli on this, let’s hope he is as good with his melody as he is with his bat!”

Virat Kohli, league ambassador, said it will be a personal achievement for him to lend his voice to the anthem and share the screen with AR Rahman. “Right now, am under more pressure than on field just because I am sitting next to this legend who has given us all so much memories.I don’t know how to prepare for the video. I feel it is easier to hold a bat than holding a mic,” Virat Kohli said.

Virat Kohli shared his enthusiasm about working with A R Rahman with a picture on his official Twitter account.

The music maestro revealed the Test captain’s rendition will be like a rap number and promised to make it easier for him. Kohli said his favourite singer was Arijit Singh, adding that he is an admirer of Rahman’s landmark version of Vande Mataram. “During any cricket game, the only song that gets everyone together is Vande Mataram. Apart from the national anthem, that’s the only one you hear 50,000 people singing. I connect to it in a special way. I get goosebumps hearing it,” revealed Virat Kohli.

A R Rahman revealed that Virat Kohli will be seen rapping in the major portions of the song. It will be nothing but amazing to see the Indian cricketer rap for the The music video of the Premier Futsal anthem featuring Kohli will be released on June 20, 2016 ahead of the Premier Futsal launch on July 15, 2016.


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