Nowadays, debates around National Anthem have become very common in India. As the time passes, they are getting high. In such debates, cricketers have always been the target.

Recently, one cricketer has done such thing. He is none other than our Cricket captain Virat Kohli. Well, we all know how Virat Kohli respects India and he also makes the country proud on many occasions. However, this time Virat got harshly criticised by the Twitter for CHEWING GUM at the time of National Anthem before starting the match. This such incident took place at Eden Gardens just before the 1st test between Sri Lanka and India was about to start.

There is no doubt that Virat has a huge fan following and he is also an awesome cricketer. But this action of him has made a lot of disapproval on social media. As everyone knows that National Anthem is a matter of great respect and just because of this people are thrashing him. Is it right to slam our team Captain, who always makes our country proud?

Here is the video Of Virat Kohli Chewing Gum at the time of National anthem. The video has gone super viral on social media. Watch the video.

After watching the video, people started trolling Virat Kohli from all the sides.

Check out few tweets:

Kohli followers all ready unhappy

Gum-A Mana



Rastra Geet ka Samman karo.

What do you guys think about this gesture of Virat Kohli? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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