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7 Reasons Why Virat Kohli Would Make An AMAZING Husband!

Virat Kohli, who made a name in the world of cricket in a very short that today if you are a cricket fan, you hear the same name on everyone’s tongue and that name will be Virat Kohli. Most guys want to be like him and look up to him while most girls would give anything for a chance to be with him or even meet him in person! Every girl these days wants to have a HUSBAND like Virat. While we don’t know Virat Kohli personally, But here are some reasons why we still think he would make an absolutely amazing husband!

1. He’s good with babies! And who doesn’t love a man who likes kids?

2. He stands for the right things and knows exactly how women should and shouldn’t be treated.

3. He gave it off to all his fans who were bad mouthing Anushka Sharma because it was the right thing to do!

4. He’s a winner, through and through! No difficult situation can scare him away!

5. He understands the importance of family!

6. He’s a dog person.

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At home with bruno. #bliss #grateful

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7. He’s a PRO at clicking selfies. You would have the best couple pictures!

Comment below and let us know about more qualities of our lovely munchkin Virat Kohli that makes him more Husband Material!

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