A horrifying video of a school headmaster hitting the students is going viral on the Internet. This shocking video is uploaded by the other teacher. The video shows how brutally the headmaster is hitting the students. The Children are in pain as they are thrashed on the floor.

This incident took place in a convent school, near Allahabad in Fafamau city. Since the other teacher posted the video, it has gone viral on the Internet. Some of the students even fainted after the teacher continuously hit them until the cane broke.

Horrifying Video Of Teacher Hitting The Students With A Cane

One of the Student Mother lodged a complaint against the school but some of the local authorities forced her to take back her complaint. The students used to complain every day that they were beaten by the teachers for small mistakes. The school teacher who took the video is school’s PE teacher, Ashish Mani Tiwari. Ashish Tiwari was shocked after seeing this and said that the students were ‘were regularly beaten on the pretext of instilling discipline in them’.

Horrifying Video Of Teacher Hitting The Students With A Cane

Mr. Tiwari worked in the school for only one month and was fired from his job after he uploaded the video. Now he is taking an action against the authorities of the school.

You can watch the video here.

Teachers need to realize that they are holding the child’s future and mind in their hand. If they start physical violence before them, it will harm students physically and emotionally both.

Apart from all this, the school authorities need to take care before hiring any teacher for the principal’s job or teaching. They must take interviews which can measure the tendencies of the teacher.