Indian boxer Vijender Singh on Saturday invited Sachin Tendulkar for his World Boxing Organization (WBO) Asia title fight. Vijender Singh met cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar in Gurgaon and invited him for his WBO Asia title fight scheduled to be held in Delhi on 11 June. During the meeting, Vijender spoke about the structure and future of professional boxing.

Vijender Singh said, “Meeting the legend Sachin Tendulkar is always an inspiration for any of the sportsperson. I would like to thank Sachin sir for giving me time out of his busy schedule and I have invited him for my WBO Asia title fight scheduled to be held on 11 June in Delhi. I am happy that Sachin follows boxing and he asked me about my training regime of pro boxing. He was happy the way my professional career is progressing, he asked me about the structure of professional boxing in other countries. Meeting him was really a big motivation for me and he assured me of full support for my all future bouts.”

Earlier, he met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed about the shambolic state of boxing administration in the country. Vijender is no longer a part the amateur boxing circuit but has expressed concern about its administration in India. Vijender on Wednesday, took up the issue with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a meeting and discussed about the same.

He said “I told him about my fights so far and how professional boxing can grow in India. Besides, I have also invited him for my fight in India in June. He is a busy man but he said he would definitely try to make it for my bout”

Vijender Singh was on a 10-day Holi break in India before his next fight on April 30 in London.