Vijender Singh aims to extend his winning spree when he takes on Alexander Horvath in his fourth professional bout at the Liverpool Arena tonight. The Indian pugilist said he would his opponent a taste of his punching power. Indian boxer Vijender Singh is confident of extending his winning spree in the professional arena as he gears up to face Hungary Alexander Horvath at the Liverpool Arena on Saturday.

Vijender Singh said:

“It is showtime. I have worked very hard for this fight and I am confident of doing well tomorrow. I will give him a taste of my punching power”

“I need to continue my unbeaten record and it’s important that I put on a commanding performance against Horvath and then next at Harrow to keep on course for my title shot and my homecoming”

“I don’t want any of by bouts to be more than two rounds. If the fight is prolonged then you have to take a lot more punches. A lot of people have said that I will have problems while fighting if the bout lasts for more than a couple of rounds. But I don’t care about them. My job is to keep winning and I focus on that”

“Having said that, I’m not at the level of Mayweather or Pacquiao yet. There’s some work to do. There is no limit for learning, and I’m still learning. It will take time to reach that level, but I’ll get there”

The bout was originally scheduled for last month but was delayed owing to technical issues. The fight will be precursor to Vijender Singh (India) debut in June when he will fight for the WBO Asia belt.