Vijay Mallya rcently said that Siddharth must not be targeted, and don’t abuse my son, because he had absolutely no connection with his father’s business.

Sid  has in the past weeks been supporting his father, He has been receiving some hate tweets for his father’s financial troubles which include huge bank loan defaults and outstanding payments to crew of the Kingfisher Airlines.

Malya left India earlier this month, with continuing efforts by banks to recover dues totaling over Rs 9,000 crore of unpaid loans, He is currently in the United Kingdom and is being sought out in India over charges of money laundering, claimed that the banks gave him loans after evaluating all aspects and asserted that he is not trying to evade the law enforcement agencies but is on a personal visit.

Siddarth Mallya has in the past weeks been supporting his father publicly by retweeting him and those who support him.

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