At ‘TE3N’ trailer launch, Vidya Balan openely showed her support for Kangana Ranaut. When reporters asked her about the fight between Kangana and Hrithik Roshan, Vidya said, “It’s none of my business to judge anyone and least of all to comment on what is their business… But I have the greatest admiration for kangana.”

Vidya also said, “I think that is very creditable because as women we find it very easy to stand up for other people, our family members, children, husbands, parents but we rarely stand up for ourselves. She is standing up for herself, so kudos to her and more power to her for that.”

Coming to women empowerment, Amitabh Bachchan has always been the one to support that cause and he agrees by saying, “Women should get empowerment to stand on their own feet. I have believed in that since a long time. 50% of the population should consist of women and they should get respect in the society. That’s something I’ve always believed in.”

However ask Amitabh if he thinks Kangana Ranaut is the perfect example of women empowerment who stood up with a spirit against a powerful man like Hrithik Roshan and he says, “Sitting next to her, how would I know how is she going to behave next or what is she going through? I wouldn’t know what question are you going to ask me next, then how do I speak about her?”

So Guys! Vidya Balan openly supports Kangana Ranaut over Hrithik Roshan. Share Your Comments.