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VIDEO: While Taking Selfie Woman Damages Artworks Worth Rs. 1.28 Crores In An Art Exhibition

Technology has made our lives easier than ever, but everything has its pros and cons and the gift by technology…

By Administrator in Viral on July 20, 2017

Technology has made our lives easier than ever, but everything has its pros and cons and the gift by technology is taking Selfie, which became a trend among the youth. The damage has been caused due to taking Selfie is just unbelievable. Every day we see how many lives are going just to take a perfect shot.

Youngsters go to any level and put their lives at risk just for taking a selfie to upload on their Social Media. Recently, something happened in Los Angeles by a woman while taking a selfie. A woman damaged artworks of worth Rs. 1.28 crores ($200,000). Isn’t it shocking? This unfortunate thing happened in Los Angeles in the 14th Factory Exhibition space in Lincoln Heights.

At the time she sat down to take a selfie, the Hypercaine was just behind her, it got pushed and fell down. Because of one Hypercaine, the entire row of the Hypercaine exhibition fell down. It was the artworks of Simon Birch from Hong Kong and other international collaborators.

Watch the video here and see what happened –

In the video, we can see how the woman lost her balance while taking the selfie. The visibly shocked woman later attempts to pick up the displays she dropped.

If we just assume the value of the damaged artworks it will be nearly around $200,000. In making these structures different materials like marble, precious metals, scrap metal, nylon, etc. were used. According to the reports by The Guardian, a concerned artist Gloria Yu informed this to Hyperallergic, an art, and culture site. Gloria is said, three sculptures were totally damaged and other to varying degrees. The approximate cost of the damage is $200,000.

This is really shocking! So, guys, we advise all of you to be careful when you take a selfie at this kind of places. In fact, anywhere you take selfie please be very careful.

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