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[VIDEO] Wasim Akram Attacked On Live News Channel ‘Aaj Tak’

Pakistan former Captain  and commentator Wasim Akram was attacked during his post match analysis on Aaj Tak news channel. Wasim Akram was speaking on India’s victory over Australia at Mohali and all of a sudden Akram was seen to be in shock, when he noticed a men coming in front of the camera and asking him to stand up. Aaj Tak journalist Vikrant Gupta, who was anchoring the discussion, took note of the incident. Surprisingly, he carried on with the show instead of looking into the assault,

Immediately after the attack he was heard asking if Wasim Akram was ok. In his very next sentence, he reverted back to the discussion on Kohli’s batting. He later tweeted saying there was no need to panic; a few people had just objected o the cameras, he said.

Akram was heard speaking about how Kohli constructed his innings when he was interrupted.  The anchor Vikrant Gupta himself was in shock as things transpired on live TV. Akram was already in a sad state of mind on hearing about the blasts that took place in Lahore earlier in the day.

There were reports that some members of the board of governors of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) didn’t want the chairman to consult him in cricket matters including in the fresh appointments to be made after the World T20. Wasim Akram said, “If some members don’t want the chairman to consult me or seek my advice on appointment of a new coach why is this, I think it is because they don’t want to see anything improve in our cricket.” 

Wasim Akram was speaking at a location outside studio, when he was targeted. No group has claimed the responsibility for the attack so far. The incident caused outrage on social media with many Indians coming out strongly against it.



Aaj Tak’s Vikrant Gupta took to Twitter to assure people that Wasim Akram was safe.


Check out the video of Wasim Akram being attacked on Live news channel –


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