Female harassment in our society is a harsh reality and is the biggest example of hypocrisy. But now, as the time is changing girls are getting ready to face the problem what they are facing. Most of the time Men resort to their behavior and blame the alcohol. Misbehaving of a man is so common nowadays in many places.

Earlier we saw how a Woman from Mumbai uploaded a video on FB and shared the incident of harassment. She was harassed on a Mumbai railway station. She also revealed that it was a big task to take help of authorities.

Now, we came across another incident from Hyderabad. This girl also showed her bravery and didn’t get scared of such people.

This harassment was done with an Air Hostess of Indigo airlines. At Rajiv Gandhi Airport Hyderabad, two drunk men misbehaved with her. What she did next was a work of bravery.  Boys were surprised that the air hostess didn’t get scared and faced them bravely. The air hostess took both the guys to the police outpost at the airport where they were booked.

The boys were embarrassed by the situation and asked for an apology from the staff. At this time she decided not to file a report but asked them to touch her feet and ask for an apology.

Yes, the brave girl asked the boys to touch her feet and this made her feel so proud.

Watch the video how the drunk men are asking for an apology and touching her feet:

The sub-inspector of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Police station Ramesh Naik told at Times Now, the air hostess didn’t file any complaint against the men’s. Ramesh Naik told to the police that the two boys were students. Both were found drunk and were booked.

The incident took place on Saturday midnight.

Well Done Air Hostess!!