A so-called Radhe Maa is making headlines from past couple of years for all the wrong reasons. There is no fact that she has many devotees including few celebrities. On the other side, few people filed case against the God woman. Recently, she made a news for sitting on the chair of SHO, and the officers were suspended because of her.

Well, now once again she is in the news and the reason is very cheap compared to her so-called pure and pious character. One of the videos is going viral on the Internet. The video features Radhe Maa and a man dancing in a vulgar step.

Radhe Maa’s Cheap Dance Moves With A Man

The video shows, the Godwoman dancing and this is not a problem. The thing that grabs the eyeballs are her vulgar steps and pose. A man comes to her and lifts her in the air and crosses all the limits when Radhee Maa moved her body in a dirty manner.

Watch the video here:

We know this would hurt the followers of Radhe Maa but she herself doesn’t care about her reputation. If she really cared then she wouldn’t have danced like this in a cheap way.

Earlier, she came in the headlines for getting VIP treatment by the police officers. The officers of Vivek Vihar Police Station gave Radhe Maa a grand welcome and she was made to sit on the official chair of SHO Sanjay Sharma. Radhe Maa was sitting on Sanjay’s chair and he was standing beside her having a red dupatta around his neck. The cops were also seen singing bhajans with her.

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