Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest superstars in India. He is King Khan (King of Romance) of Bollywood. Whenever he gives the public appearance, his fans go crazy for him. But, recently, his superstar status has created a trouble for Maharashtra MLC Jayant Patil.

Recently, Jayant Patil shouted at our King Khan. MLC yelled at him because SRK did not come out his yacht at Alibaug jetty. Because of Shah Rukh Khan, the MLC’s journey to Mumbai was delayed.

Maharashtra MLC, Jayant Patil, was heard shouting at the Bollywood actor in a video. Jayant Patil said to SRK, “Have you bought entire Alibaug…. have you? Tell me… Have you bought whole of Alibaug…. Just listen to me, without my permission you cannot even enter Alibaug.”

This incident took place around Diwali. The video which has gone viral on the internet captured only MLC shouting at King Khan.

Check Out The Video in which MLC is seen Shouting at Shah Rukh Khan.

In the video, we can see Jayant Patil is walking towards the jetty from Alibaug where Khan’s boat is parked. MLC said that SRK did not come out of his boat even after asking him to come out. Mr. Jayant said that King Khan kept smoking inside the Yacht and because of this the schedule was delayed.

Mr. Patil was irritated by SRK’s attitude, and he went to his boat and shouted at SRK. He said, “You cannot even enter Alibaug without my permission”.

Patil did not get any response from SRK. MLC went to his yacht and left from Alibaug. After MLC left, the actor came out of the yacht and waved at fans. His fans were waiting to have a glimpse of SRK.

On talking about this incident, in Kolhapur, MLC Patil told to media person, “Bollywood stars have created a nuisance. They regularly ferry in between Gateway of India and Alibaug jetty causing a delay for locals and other commuters.”

According to Mr. Patil, Khan did not come out of his boat on time. He was sitting and smoking inside. Because of him, MLC was delayed to reach to his boat.

MLC is very upset by this and he also said that he will talk about this issue in the coming winter assembly session.

Till now, there is no response from Shah Rukh Khan.