The Great Khali was the one who first made us proud by stepping into the WWE ring, though he couldn’t stay there for long. Then came Jinder Mahal, he wasn’t really that big deal on the show for the first few years but now he’s reached the top and is the biggest star in WWE. Now Kavita Devi has entered WWE and is taking aback WWE by storm. Indians have always drawn attention when in the WWE. Kavita Devi is the first Indian female wrestler to have entered this wrestling ring and she is really kicking some asses there.

She’s getting more attention because of her attire. She’s wearing salwar kameez while wrestling and is seriously kicking some asses in the ring. It’s not that we don’t know the whole show is scripted, but come on, who wouldn’t get all pumped up and happy to see someone from their country doing so good. It might be scripted but it’s good to see our fellow countrymen/women representing our country at an international level platform.

Here’s the video.