A six-year-old boy in Dubai once amazed few airline crew during a visit to the cockpit. Now, this small kid has got an opportunity to fly the aircraft for a lifetime. On Thursday, Etihad Airways has announced that the little boy Adam Mohammad Amer has been invited to “Fly” an aircraft at the training academy.

6-Year-Old Pilot Co-Flying An Aircraft

Adam was wearing a specially made pilot uniform and was given a chance to operate an Airbus A380. A380 is the world’s largest passenger plane. A little boy Adam said to his co-pilot, “If we overshoot the runway, I’m gonna have to shout ‘turn around.”

Blow Your Mind:

You might be thinking how this kid knows so much, Adam Amer watches documentaries, reads aviation magazines and researches info online. He does this everything because he dreams of becoming pilot one day.

The kid is from Egypt Morocco, the airline invited him to become a pilot for a day and Adam impressed the crew members with his knowledge. Earlier in this month, the kid got a trip with Etihad Airways and at the time of flight he interacted with the cabin crew and told about his passion for planes.

Later, the crew decided to give this opportunity to the kid for a lifetime by allowing him into the cockpit when the plane landed. The kid explained how much he knew about the planes by giving detailed info about the aircraft operating systems and said about the emergency procedures. He explained,“If you have no hydraulics and your plane is taking right, you reduce engine one and increase engine two then the plane will go level again.”

Adam’s interaction with the pilots was caught on the video by captain Samer Yakhlef. The video clip has gone viral and has got more than six million views on the Internet.

The airline said, the kid became an Etihad pilot for one day and luckily got the chance to fly his favorite aircraft in the training academy. A kid went through few airbus A380 simulator sessions.

The Etihad vice president for flight operations, Captain Majed Al MArzouqi said, the little kid’s enthusiasm reminded him of his own when he was a child.

Watch the new video here.