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Usain Bolt caught in bed a with 20 year old RIO girl, Photos go VIRAL!

Photos of our favorite sprinter Usain Bolt is breaking the internet at the moment and we are not proud about it. Fastest sprinter of the world was reportedly pictured cuddling and kissing a 20-year-old Brazilian girl in bed and yes, she’s just a random girl who Bolt met in the club a night before. Photos of them together showed Usain Bolt kissing Jady Duarte, the young Brazilian while he is half naked and in another photo we can see Bolt posing with his arm around her.

Usain Bolt Jady Durate
Photo Credit: Jady Durate

Jady Duarte shared photos of her and Usain Bolt on WhatsApp after a wild night of partying at a nightclub in the Barra de Tijuca suburb of Rio. Photos shared on WhatsApp have now appeared in several places online and has got viral.

Jady Durate Usain Bolt
Photo Credit: Jady Durate

Allegedly, Jady Duarte and Usain Bolt had a one night stand that lasted until Sunday after the Olympian celebrated his birthday in a club in Rio. Jady Duarte said that they were in a club when Usain Bolt spotted her and asked his security guards to call her.

Not only this, a video was also shared across Twitter in which Bolt can be seen doing intimate dance with another girl at the Rio nightclub.


Recently Bolt’s sister Christine Bolt-Hylton said that the athlete has a girlfriend named Kasi Benneth and that Bolt and his girlfriend are serious about each other and are also expected to get engaged on his return to the UK.

However, we think, the pictures of Usain Bolt kissing Jady Durate in bed, will likely get him into trouble with Kase Bennett.

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