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Under Construction building collapsed on Thursday night in Hyderabad.

Two persons including a minor boy were rescued, and a body were recovered, and ten feared trapped of an under…

By Administrator in News on December 9, 2016

Two persons including a minor boy were rescued, and a body were recovered, and ten feared trapped of an under construction building that collapsed in Nanakramguda area of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday night. The incident took place around 10 p.m. The lives of the two people have been saved, and the body has been recovered says the Hyderabad Municipal Mayor B Ram Mohan

The building at Nanakramguda collapsed last night, and people were feared who were trapped inside at the under construction site. According to the Mayor about ten families and mostly laborers were leaving the premises where the construction was going around. ACP M Ramana Kumar said that the building came crashing down around 10 pm.

The locals alerted emergency services about the accident and around 10.30 pm the fire department and police had reached the accident spot. The Rescue operations are taken underway since then. “NDRF personnel and local administration workers are involved and helping for the rescue operation, further,” says the Mayor of Hyderabad further says that the rescue operation is taking more time because the pathway of the building is narrow so for that reason more machines are called.

Investigations that were done initially it was revealed that the building was illlegal. The builder has escaped, and the police are on a hunt to arrest him. On Thursday, N Narsimha Reddy, Home Minister of Telangana and other leaders and officials reached the spot as soon as possible. “In the construction of the building the violation of rules was noticed,” says Reddy.

The number of people dead and trapped under the debris will only be known after the rescue operation.

Rao told the media,” Unless the slabs of the collapsed building we cannot know the number of people who are dead or trapped; some are saying six are dead, and some are saying seven are dead. Nobody knows how many were there and how many are dead, the truth will be revealed after the debris are lifted up.”

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