India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s son Anant Ambani took everyone by surprise with his toned look on Saturday when he visited the Somnath temple. The `millionaire kid’ who was infamous for his weight has apparently shed a whopping 70 kilograms in the last few months and looks completely different and unbelievable. Unfortunately known more for his obesity than other reasons, Anant has had quite a transformation now that he has lost close to 70 kgs.

According to reports a professional trainer from the US has been hired to train and help Anant to lose weight. It is learnt that Anant has done a couple of marathon runs at the Reliance refinery in Jamnagar as part of his weight loss training. Anant is quite active on the IPL front and is often spotted sitting in the VIP box at every Mumbai Indians match, cheering on the team owned by his mother Nita Ambani.


Anant has two siblings – Akash and Isha – and is known to be very spiritual. The fit and lean Anant shock the other devotees at the temple on Saturday and many at the temple said it was hard to believe it was him. He earlier weighed 140 kilograms.

According to reports, junior Ambani had underwent a lot of training to achieve this feat and has done plenty of marathon runs at the Reliance refinery in Jamnagar. On top of this, he was also under the constant guidance of a trainer from US who has been training him extremely hard. He seems to be doing intense workout and a very disciplined diet plan to shed off unwanted weight.

Few months back most people ignorantly made fun of him on social media just to get more likes/retweets. It’s no surprise he has now shut everyone’s mouth by performing this rare stunt and transforming himself. The truh of the matter is Mukesh Amabani’s son Anant Ambani lost 70 kgs finally!


Why did Anant Ambani loose 70 kgs in just few months? Did he wanted to shut everyone’s mouth and stop making his fun on Twitter and Facebook. Please share your comments!

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