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4 Types Of Bags Every Guy Should Own

Gone are the days when men had to carry heavy suitcase or have heavy pockets. Everyone wants to buy a good and…

By Administrator in Mens Guide on December 1, 2015

Gone are the days when men had to carry heavy suitcase or have heavy pockets. Everyone wants to buy a good and smart looking bag, But I think when buying a new bag one should consider body type as every handbag/bagpack is not ideal for everyone. When going to the bag shop dont only look for a bag that looks cool but most importantly, look for a bag that makes you look good while it carries the entire load.

1. A Backpack –

You know that time when you just want to go out and chill in your sneakers and shorts, carry your tablet for to a coffee shop and finish reading the e-book or maybe while on bike carry your face-wash, wet tissue or maybe a deodorant while travelling on a sunny day.  Pick up a cool backpack and your style points won’t drop. We promise.

There is a bag for every occasion. And we might as well use them to our advantage. Because looking great (not just good) has its perks.

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2. Waist Bag –

You can walk out carrying a waist bag easily. You can use it hold your Sunglasses in the evening, if you are in a beach shorts carry your money, vollet and cards along in the waist bag. these bags are perfect to carry your essentials.

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3. The Duffel Bag –

The gym calls out for a fresh batch of sweat tears. We cannot avoid that. But we can look sexy even when we tire those muscles out. The duffel bag is exactly what you need when you head for a heavy workout.

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4. The Weekender Bag –

Just as the name suggests, it is your perfect companion for a weekend getaway. The weekender bag is a stylish option to pack up your wardrobe essentials and still look dashing carrying them around.

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These are some of the perfect bag for every man which will make you smarter and sexy even while you carry a heavy bulk of your personal stuff, office files or laptop or maybe your gym attire. We picked out these 4 bags for every occasion.


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