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Two Men Caught On Camera Dragging A Stray Dog Tied To Their Bike.

Two men in the city of Vadodara were recently caught on camera dragging a dog which was tied to their…

By Administrator in Viral on June 13, 2016

Two men in the city of Vadodara were recently caught on camera dragging a dog which was tied to their bike. The bike was being driven at a high speed for almost two kilometres with the dog in tow. The incident had come to the notice on Thursday night, When Darshit Patel and Mayank Salunke, who work for animals in the city were going to a friend’s place to check on his dog that was unwell.

On their way, they saw two unidentified persons dragging a dog brutally on their motorcycle. “They were taking the dog towards the Sama canal. We chased them and intercepted them. On being asked what they were doing, they did not give a proper reply. They left the dog and fled,” said Mayank.

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Mayank Salunke and Darshit had taken a video of bikers ghastly act and had noted their bike number as well, which helped the Sama police to track them down.

In 2018 , JMFC Judge Bhatt saheb court convicted the two boys RS 20,000 fine after our statement.Vadodara: F.I.R NO.282 /16. Your blood will boil seeing this video.Bike GJ6 CE 3174…this is last night cruel video of 2 boys tied female Dog with a leash dragged her on the road at 100 speed nearly 2 kms.. Mayank Salunke & Darshit chased a biker tried to stop them , Darshit Patel shot video for Evidence. They stopped boys in fear they left the dog. Female Dog was bleeding , Skin scrapped .. I also reached & called SAMA Police PCR . Late night Mayank has filed F.I.R 282 /16 .it was 1.30 at night got injured female dog at my home, now taking her for Medical on report IPC 428 will be filed . Had a word with Police Inspector Ms Chetna mam…She has assured to arrest the demons..

Posted by Neha Patel on Thursday, June 9, 2016

The bikers, Sonu and Vikram were arrested later by the Sama police, and admitted that they did it for fun.


The injured dog has been adopted by animal rights activist Neha Patel and christened as “Sweety”. Sama Police Inspector C N Chaudhary said, “As per the FIR filed, Kamboi and Chauhan, both residents of Sama area, were passing through Sama area on their bike on Thursday night when the stray dog’s limb got stuck in the rear wheel. Instead of stopping the bike, the duo dragged the dog for nearly 2 km. Animal activist Mayank Salunk-he, who was eye witness, recorded the entire incident on his mobile phone.” “After receiving the application, we reached the spot, registered an FIR and nabbed the culprits.

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